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Living Paintings - Panelled
Living paintings, getting plants vertical, handmade in Kildare

Living Paintings - Panelled

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Our Living Paintings are ever evolving, they change colour with the frost and sun, they will thrive and even bloom in the right conditions. Sure even in the wrong conditions they will survive and kindly let you know when they need attention.

Artful Green's Living Paintings are one of a kind, our frames are handmade here in Kildare and not mass produced ensuring their uniqueness. 

Our carefully selected collection of Sedum's and Semperviviums have low water requirements which makes them perfect plants for wall gardens, crevice gardens and roof top gardens and of course Our Living Paintings.

They require a Full Sun position outside, love plenty of light; these guys are drought tolerant so a good drink at first and allow to dry out completely, always, err on the dry side...when it doubt, give it drought.

The panel is 36cm x 36cm approx

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