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Care....It's not only about the watering.


Light, Air, humidity and heat are all as equally important to a plant as water. The right plant for the right place. Please follow the guidelines for plant care as some plants prefer shade and warmth, others like succulents prefer full sun, plants have different needs.

At the time of purchase, a care guide will be included, there is also a general guide in the catalog which will help you to begin looking after your Artful Green. 

As with any plant, remove dead or brown foliage, check for new growth, have a good watering schedule which is determined by what type plant you have and its environment. A feed with liquid fertiliser in your watering bowl\can as per manufacturers guidelines.

Your Environment.... It is impossible to give you the exact care schedule for your Artful Green as your home environment will determine this. It won't take long before you learn if it is happy or not. You will easily read the signs from your plant and care will become very simple.



Kokí & Kokún 

When to Water

The weight of your Kokí or Kokún is your main indication that it needs water. When the ball is completely dry it will feel very, very light to hold, similar to a polystyrene ball. Don't be fooled that its dry on the inside as they do stay slightly damp for longer than you think. Other signs are that the thread holding it together may look slightly looser, this is because the Coco Coir has shrunk as its dried. Or the plant may just look thirsty, some plants will kindly wilt to remind you, but perk up soon after. I promise you, its super easy once you know each other!

How to Water

Place the Kokí into a bowl or sink of water at room temperature. At first it may float but it will soon absorb enough water. This generally takes about 15/20 mins. It may want more and could have absorbed all the water you've made available, so just add more. If there is still water in the bowl after 20 minutes has past, then most probably the Kokí is full. 

After Watering

Once watered, give a little squeeze and reshape if needed, leave to air dry on a rack for 10-15 minutes. Dab dry with a cloth and place back onto display. Always protect your porous surfaces from the damp ball touching them directly. If you have a lot of Kokí then running them a bath or showering them is helpful.

Adding plant food (in accordance to the manufacturers instructions) is good practice too.



Living Wreaths & Paintings


When your living wreath/painting is very light, take it down from its hanging position and place on the ground outside.

Using a full watering can, pour water over and soak the wreath/painting thoroughly, then leave on a wire rack to drip dry. 

After Watering

When it has stopped dripping and the coco fibre is touch dry hang back in position. Always protect porous surfaces from damp coco fibres as it may stain.