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Mud pies, Petal perfume and pulling up weeds for Dad.....


Stephanie, creator and founder of Artful Green


Hi my name is Stephanie, Creator and Founder of Artful Green. I create unique pieces with plants and love sharing these techniques and knowledge with you at our workshops and through our DIY Kits.
From as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed experimenting with different mediums, this ingrained need to create and a love of nature was nurtured in me from a very early age by both my parents; making mud pies, petal perfume and picking up the weeds for Dad, as he dug up the notorious, ever returning Bindweed.
You could say it all started back then in the 80's, in a veg patch in Crumlin.
Qualified in Fine Art Sculpture, including many years of working with nature and a recent RHS Qualification in Horticulture, I can confidently advise and consult with you on how to keep your Artful Green alive and looking fabulous.
Plants are a fascinating and dynamic medium to work with..... they've a natural calming vibe; I enjoy challenging plants and seeing how they grow in different environments. I’ve embraced this green therapeutic medium with all its drama and unpredictability; now I can place an Artful Green in your hands and you can feel the simple pleasure too; a reconnection with nature evoking tranquillity and stress relief.
Having developed programmes and workshops to meet the needs of Young People for nearly 15 years, using Art and Horticulture as a medium; I took a break from my career to care for a family member.
A Silver Lining offered me the chance to ditch the daily commute to Dublin and work around my Family life. A new journey of working from home to create my own work again and to share that feeling an Artful Green brings, with you.
Artful Green was born...... And I’m back making mud pies again..... 



If you like any of my pieces or would like to learn how to create your very own Artful Green feel free to email me at