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Hello, Stephanie here, founder and creator of Artful Green. This is my first ever Blog post, it has been put on the long finger.... But here I am, not really sure if this is how its done, but sure here goes and better late than never!

So What is Artful Green all about? Here at Artful Green I create Living Gifts, alternative ways to display plants and also run Online workshops guiding you how to make your own.. Some call them 'Living Art!' 

I like to use sustainable and reclaimed materials as much as I can; I even use recycled wooden blinds as my logo tags. I love creating, its just in me, from as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed experimenting with different mediums whether it was making mud pies, building go carts from scraps of wood, shopping trolley wheels and a U nail, Oh if you had a U nail you had the best axle for turning at speed. There was always something in the shed to make things from sure no wonder because Dad was always rooting through skips outside the big houses in Ranelagh, as I'd slide down in the car seat mortified. Reusing materials, collecting antiques and repurposing old furniture was the way it was in our home.

Another one was being with nature, camping, out fishing and growing our own veg in the middle of Crumlin. Many fond memories of being in the garden with Mam and Dad while they'd potter away and I have to say that I would be lost without that connection to nature. Everyday I try connect with nature or create in some way, whether it’s making Koki, sorting plants, being in the garden or a walk in the park. I find peace and relaxation when I’m around nature. When I work with plants I’m fully engaged in what I’m doing and not thinking of anything else, I like to call it Pure Green Escapism!!!

There's an ingrained need in me to create and be with nature and combining that with my love of nature brought about Artful Green.

Being a Mammy, I wanted to work close to home yet I needed a space out of the home to work on my ideas so I bought a potting shed for the back garden and in the evenings I would escape out there with my cup of tea and begin to put those ideas I had into reality.

Artful Green Stall at the Cottage Market Newbridge, August 2019. Loved meeting everyone at this market.

That's me with the Artful Green stall at the Cottage Market Newbridge back in 2019, how things were very different, miss all the chats with you guys, always felt fantastic after a Market.

When I had a rough idea of a product, I set up a stall at the Market in Newbridge to do a little bit of market research, this was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my ideas and test the market. It was also a wonderful experience to meet my customers face to face and have the chats.

Towards the end of 2019, we were running workshops, attending different markets and selling through Social Media. I started to plan building this website on Shopify, although the Markets were very successful, I felt Artful Green needed an online presence too.

I built this site myself on Shopify, very stressful indeed and had it ready to launch in March 2020 and Covid hit. No more Markets. But I had a site ready and was active on social media so I said to myself 'its now or never', well only of course after a few weeks of self doubt, will I wont I, imposter syndrome etc etc. Like I said before I got there in the end.

I launched this website that April 2020. As a start up business, in the middle of a pandemic, we're still growing and learning everyday. Pivot, Pivot... But I am also very grateful for what I have learned about business and myself throughout Covid, it has been a huge challenge and I will share some more in the next blog. (Look at me, my next blog!!) I've lists as long as my arms of ideas I want to do but I am trying to hold back a little, as like so many of you, we have other commitments at home that are a priority too. All in good time.

      Stephanie in the Artful Green Potting shed amongst her plants

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy it and to find out more about Artful Green, follow us over on Instagram and Facebook to see the goings on behind the scenes.

Thanks for reading, 

Take Care,