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Living Wreath Workshop Sat 8th May 7-9pm
Our Living Wreaths are ever evolving, filled with Sedums and Sempervivums to keep you entertained through the seasons.
Living Wreath Workshop Sat 8th May 7-9pm
Living Wreath Workshop Sat 8th May 7-9pm

Living Wreath Workshop Sat 8th May 7-9pm

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Treat yourself to an Artful Green Experience

Join us in the Potting Shed to not only learn how to create one of our UNIQUE Living Wreaths but how to also care for it. Living Wreaths are ever evolving and you will be kept entertained throughout the seasons.

Stephanie will guide you through a step by step process, all of your questions will be answered and you will have maximum one on one time just like in one of our real life workshops. 

‘It is a hands on, nurturing experience, not just an online tutorial, you will be actively engaging throughout’

Can you Imagine how you will feel looking at your own Living Wreath, that you created. Pure pleasure.

Remember a Living Wreath is not just for Christmas, it truly is an investment piece as it can be used to decorate your outdoor space for you to enjoy, all year round. 

You will receive your exclusive Living Wreath Kit, a few days beforehand included in it is a unique 13” handmade framework, materials and tools you need to create your own Living Wreath. 

 Artful Green's process of creating a Living Wreath is based on extensive research and experimentation that ensure the best conditions for your plants to flourish.

Join Stephanie in the Potting Shed via zoom; there is no doubt that you will benefit from this experience sure it's Pure Green Escapism!

Treat yourself and book your space on this new Experience by Artful Green 

2hrs approx duration

Minimum numbers for maximum 1:1 time 

If you are interested in organising a private group session for a Hen party, Birthday Celebration or some family time, please contact: