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3 x MIDI Echeveria Kokí
3 x MIDI Echeveria Kokí

3 x MIDI Echeveria Kokí

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Echeveria, rosette-forming evergreen plants. These succulents are native to Mexico and Central & Southern America 

Succulents like heat and bright light,   making them ideal for a hot, sunny spot. They can be placed in a South or West facing window with a lot of light. 

Can be treated like a succulent, give a good drink, allow to dry out completely in between watering  These plants thrive on neglect and cope well in drought. When your Kokí is light as a feather, it is a good indicator of the soil being dry.

Normal room temperatures around 18-22C 

The rootball of this Kokí has a diametre of 10cm approx.
Please note that the plant pictured is only an example of the Kokí and you will receive one freshly made. All plants are different from each other, so please expect it to look similar but not the exact same. All sizes are only approximate.