Living Wreath Medium
Living Wreath Medium

Living Wreath Medium

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Invest in one of our Living Wreaths

Yes our wreaths are ALIVE and breathing. 

Remember a Living Wreath is not just for Christmas, it truly is an investment piece as it will continue to grow and change throughout the seasons.

We use quality grown plants from an Irish nursery, which means the plants are hardened to our weather and they will survive in our climate. This gives the added benefit to you of long lasting colour changes throughout the seasons.

Our unique, low maintenance LIVING WREATH has been developed using a method researched and designed by Stephanie herself, each plant is individually selected then replanted by hand here in Kildare. 
Every living wreath is unique and individual, each and every plant is carefully checked before planting by Stephanie. 

Our Living Wreaths are an investment in your own well being.

Approx diameter 11”

Please note all of our wreaths are handmade and individual so they will vary slightly from the image used. 

These wreaths are best suited for laying flat on a graveside but may also be for outdoor hanging. Please specify your preference when ordering. Thank you.

Prices start from 115€ depending on plant mix and your requirements. Thank you