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 Artful Green’s twist on the Japanese Art form of Kokedama

We create Kokí, Living Art, here in Ireland; we wrap the rootball of the plant in Coco fibre, the waste products from the coconut industry. This medium is sustainable, biodegradable, disease and mould resistant with the added benefit to you of being low maintenance.

Kokí - Often times plants have already outgrown their nursery pot by the time you buy it, meaning it needs to be repotted. We do this job for you. Each plant is taken out of its nursery pot and formed into a Kokí with a fresh soil mix. Saving you time and money buying extra soil and an extra plastic pot.

Environment - Artful Green reuses, responsibly rehomes and Donates all the plastic pots we receive. Thus reducing the need for you and others to purchase more plastic. Every bit helps.

Kokí, pronounced Ko-key, is a combination of Japanese inspiration, a reference to Coco fibre with an Irish twist (of course).

Our creator Stephanie was inspired by the Japanese Art-form of Kokedama, meaning literally ‘moss ball’. In Japan the rootball of the plant is wrapped in sphagnum moss and then it’s usually covered over with a green moss and tied together with wire or string. Kokedama are usually displayed hanging in Japanese homes, as space is restricted and many living in the cities do not have gardens. A Kokedama, becomes their green oasis away from the chaotic busy city.

Enjoy your Simply Beautiful Kokí